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Military Car Shipping


Military car shipping is performed only by vehicle shipping corporations and private auto transport companies that exclusively ship military cars and trucks. No, this service does not involve standard military combat vehicles as tanks or armored vehicles. Military car shipping usually services the vehicles of family members of military personnel.

Military personnel especially officials who are involved or are working under the military branch of the government are often assigned their own cars vehicles for use during their period of service in the armed forces but often have personally owned vehicles as well.

While we will never see military officials driving around town in a brand new Jaguar, it is reasonable to expect vehicles like station wagons and sport utility vehicles which are large and roomy enough to comfortably accommodate their families when moving from one military base to another while serving their country.

Military people are in the constant move. They move from place to place, state to state or even country to country. The military usually and most commonly takes care of their personnel’s moving expenses. Household items and cars are shipped using military planes or carriers to their destination. However, military families have their personal automobiles that cannot be included in the military transport. They look for military auto transport companies to do the job for them by either shipping the vehicles or driving the cars themselves.

Car shipping companies exclusively for military families perform the same car shipping services except they must possess a good understanding and respect for the military. Transport companies specifically for military vehicles must have working relationships with different branches of the military or at different military bases.

Today, there are a number of car shipping companies that can perform their services specifically for the military. Once the military personnel chose a shipper, the ensuing processes are pretty much the same as in all other kinds of car shipping.

Car shipping services may involve closed car shipping, open car shipping, door-to-door shipping or terminal-to-terminal shipping. As its name suggests, closed car shipping places a car safely inside a steel container. This guarantees better safety from damages and scratches but is more expensive than open car shipping.

Door-to-door shipping involves pickup from the military personnel’s house to the drop off at the given destination. On the other hand, terminal-to-terminal shipping requires the personnel to drive the car to the terminal of origin and have him pick it up from the terminal of destination. Military car shipping that makes use of door-to-door service requires the personnel to be at home during the delivery or else the vehicle will be sent back to the terminal and impounded.

Military car shipping services

Military car shipping services honor our soldiers and therefore several companies provide special offers, special added services and discounts. This is the respect and understanding for the military that is required in military car shipping. Some car shipping companies assign special drivers for transporting cars owned by officers of government personnel.

The military pays for the transport of military vehicles.

Military vehicles used for training and combat, such as trucks and those carrying arms, are usually shipped by the military. However, there are situations when the military will contract private shipping companies to ship these for them. When this happens, the shipper must be able to ensure the military that they can deliver much quicker they would with regular customers.

This is important since the vehicles are owned by the government and are being transported for official purposes. In military car shipping, the assigned driver or transporter must be well licensed, have impeccable driving records and most likely be required to take and pass certain tests. These drivers must possess a feeling that as they perform military car shipping, they are actually doing service for their country.

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