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How Much To Ship A Car Depends Mostly On These 5 Factors


So you ask yourself this most obvious question as you plan to relocate or go on a long vacation with your automobile, “How much it costs to ship a car?

Car shipping has become a very easy endeavor thanks to the Internet. Before online shopping and emails, only car dealers and business people regularly transported cars across cities, states and countries.

Big automobile companies did not worry about the cost to ship a car because their profits overshadowed the costs.

Today, private individuals can afford transport costs and easily avail the services of several automobile shippers online.

Let's have a look at 5 major factors that determine the cost of shipping cars.

Car shipping costs

1. Vehicle type

Your car itself. What type is your car? Is it a standard sized sedan (Accord, Camry), full size (Charger, Towncar), small SUV (Explorer), large SUV (Range Rover), small pick up, large pick up, mini-van, large van, regular truck or giant full-size truck? Needless to say, the larger your car, the more expensive shipping will be.

Car shippers charge more when transporting a truck because it takes up more space on the transport carrier or on board the transport vessel.

2. Moving location

Location or distance from point of origin to final destination. Obviously, the farther away your destination, the higher the cost will be. Sending your vehicle from the United States all the way to Belarus or Belgium will definitely require international duties and taxes.

Plus, the car shipping company would have to use additional manpower, fuel, equipments and hours of labor to make the transfer. When shipping across the country, it is normally cheaper to ship from a large city, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle or Houston, because there are more truck carriers to do the pick up and delivery.

Car shipping from major cities like these is not only cheaper but also faster. You may then ask, “How much does it cost to ship a car in rural areas such as Iowa or Kansas?” It is definitely more expensive then in bigger cities since there are fewer truckers traveling to the rural areas. Cross-country car shipping could easily amount to US$1,000.00 or more.

3. Types of a vehicle shipping service

Will you go for door-to-door pick up and delivery or are you willing to drive your car all the way to the port? Driving there yourself allows you to save a few dollars.

4. Methods of transportation

The most common method is the open, multi-car shipping. It is the cheapest way of moving a vehicle, but the cars loaded on the truck are not protected from road hazards.

Enclosed vehicle shipping can be around 75% to 100% more expensive since this method is intended to transport rare and expensive luxury cars, including sports cars, antiques, hard-to-find models, 4x4’s, SUVs, etc...

5.Quotes and estimates

To get firsthand idea on how much does it cost to transport a vehicle, visit several auto shipping websites and request for free shipping quotes and estimates.

International moving cost

When shipping cars internationally, prepare to pay not only shipping costs but international taxes as well.

Research on the importation laws of your country of destination.

When in doubt you, you can contract a broker or agent who can give you all the necessary information on car shipping. There will also be port charges and storage charges as your car arrives.

So, next time when you ask about the cost of car shipping, you must first know all the details and information about your own automobile, desired method of transfer, location, timetable and budget.

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