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Enclosed Car Shipping


Enclosed car shipping is preferred by most shippers because it can guarantee that during the transport, the car is safe and secured inside the enclosure so that it gets to its final destination in the same condition as it was at the point of origin.  

Although in an uncovered shipping the vehicle is securely strapped on the vehicle’s car deck. Enclosed car shipping protects a vehicle even from tiny scratches that may be caused by wind and other environmental conditions. A car inside an enclosed container gives an extra feeling of security and guarantee to the owner of the car.  

Rough weather is also an important consideration in shipping. Enclosed car shipping protects the vehicle from rain, snow, hail, sleet, acid rain and even dust storm that can unexpectedly hit hard anytime during the transfer. There are other possible yet unforeseen dangers on the road, which include gravel, pebbles and road debris that may been blown by strong winds or tipped over from delivery trucks on passing traffic. Tiny airborne particles can cause scratches and body paint defects, as well as damage the windshield and windows.

These unforeseeable troubles are serious concerns for car owners, especially for cars that are brand new, high end, rare or expensive. Only enclosed car shipping can give total protection and security to the vehicle and peace of mind to the owner. Enclosed car shipping may be a bit more expensive but the cost is worth it.

If car condition and safety is the owner’s prime concern, then he or she must truly consider enclosed car shipping. This mode of shipping has been proven to be the safer, more secure and the more practical choice especially for expensive cars. Below are important facts to consider when searching for the best method of shipping your car:

Enclosed car shipping is definitely the safest and most secure way of transporting a car. This method completely covers a vehicle from all sides providing 100% protection from any adverse weather or road conditions. Another kind of security promised by enclosed car shipping is the protection from people who might want to open and get inside the car. No one can even touch your car that could cause unintentional scratches.

Enclosed vehicle transport guarantees full security from Point A to B, ensuring that your automobile gets to its final destination in the same condition it was in at its point of origin. Some car shippers even put on a cloth overcoat to provide additional protection for the car. This may be more expensive since it is originally intended for expensive, rare or classic cars. This mode of shipping requires more operating expenses. Normally, expensive or rare cars such as sports cars, antiques, SUV’s, 4x4's, and Hummers for transport make use of door-to-door, enclosed car transportation.

When availing enclosed car shipping, your car is placed inside enclosed carrier trucks and may normally cost around 75% to 100% more expensive than open shipping, depending on the distance. Enclosed car shipping may not be for everyone, but if you have a luxury, rare, expensive car, this is the way to transport it.

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