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Choosing a Reliable Auto Transport Company


Shipping your car for the first time can make you anxious. You are worried about two things. You ask yourself, “Will my car make it out of this in one piece?” and “How much money will this cost me?”

One of the first things you should do is choose a reliable auto transport company. There are so many car shipping companies to choose from and so a good amount of prior research is necessary. Choosing a transporter without first doing background research can lead to more problems.

The first step is to get a list of car shippers near your area. While you can find so many auto transporters in the Internet, it is practical to hire a company within your reach. Get a local directory or do an on-line search.

Once you have identified a number of shipping companies to choose from, make a phone call or visit their websites to ask for free car shipping quotes. Your first contact with them will give you an idea how much they charge, how friendly are their people, and how competent and efficient they are in getting the job done.

Get and compare at least 5 free car shipping quotes. You can roughly estimate the reliability of an auto transport company if they make a quote somewhere in the middle. Be wary of those who came up with quotes that are unreasonably cheap or overly priced. Although price should not be your main concern, quotes can give you a good impression on an auto transport company’s reliability.

The next thing you can do is perform a background check. Say for instance you have narrowed down your choices to 2 or 3 car shippers, check the number of complaints made against them. There are several auto transport review websites that you can visit and learn from. Although these websites are helpful, keep in mind that some reviews may not be true. Some shipping companies allegedly hire writers to write good reviews about them and come up with bad reviews to tarnish the competition’s reputation.

The final thing you can do before making a confident choice is to make a personal visit. Get to know the people who will be driving your car to a faraway location. Do they give out an impression of trust and friendliness? Trust your gut feeling. See how they run things around their work area and how they handle customers. Ask questions and observe how they handle your inquiries. A reliable auto transport company is a company that takes time to make a customer feel at home and satisfied.

Never close a deal over the phone or through email. It is important to get to know the people and establish some kind of a relationship. An agreement is always best closed with a personal handshake.


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