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As individuals, families or companies relocate, it is almost certain that car relocation also takes place. Car relocation or automobile transportation is the process of shipping a vehicle from point of origination to point of destination.

The move may be done locally within the United States or internationally to any country in the world. People and organizations relocate all the time. Individuals may pursue a dream job to another continent, families may have purchased a new home in another state, or a business may have opened a new branch in another city.

All such developments lead to car relocation involving one or more vehicles. Three players are involved when shipping a car: the owner or sender, the shipper and the receiver. The owner must determine the point of destination, prepare the car for shipping and all necessary documents, and choose which auto transport company to hire.

Preparing a vehicle for relocation involves draining the fuel to a fourth of the tank, removing detachable accessories and a simple car wash. Shippers will investigate each car for the smallest scratch or damage. This is necessary to determine insurance coverage. A clean and newly washed car can help make this process easier and faster.

It is also important that a car owner knows every detail about his or her own automobile such as the year model, make and running condition. Car owners must also be ready to present necessary documents to verify legal ownership. This is necessary for all international car shipping.

US Customs must first clear all vehicles going out of the United States, and all receiving countries will also check and investigate all incoming automobiles. The next task is to choose the most suitable car shipping company. Car relocation services don't need to be expensive or tedious.

The task, therefore, of a shipper is to guarantee an easy, on-time and affordable shipping service. However, these may not be available every time, which is why it is helpful to hire a car shipping broker. While the shipper is responsible in moving automobiles from one place to another, the broker negotiates between owner and shipper.

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A broker or agent may be an individual or a company that helps in making sure the owner gets the most affordable, quality shipping service making the necessary route on the desired schedule of delivery. The shipper offers services in car relocation, such as the methods of shipping and insurance.

A car owner must never sign a deal without first checking the car shipping insurance policy. A shipping company must be capable in providing 100% car insurance coverage. The shipping method is either open or closed shipping. Closed shipping is for expensive luxury cars such as antique vehicles or sports cars.

The final player in car relocation is the receiver. The car owner must make sure that someone receives his or her own car as it is dropped off at the final point of destination. If the owner cannot be there personally, a friend or family member must be asked to receive it and sign the bill of lading. Without a receiver, car relocation is incomplete and the vehicle may be impounded or simply left unattended at the drop-off point.

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