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Relocating to your new home across state? Moving your business to the heart of the city? Looking for a better job? Migrating overseas? If you answer yes to any of these, you are in need of automobile transportation services because there is a good chance that you will need to bring your car along to wherever it is you are going.

Car shippers provide a variety of automobile transportation services in order to satisfy the many needs of customers all over the country and around the world. Individuals, families and companies are regularly moving in search for that next big step in life and business.

One of the most important automobile transportation services is car insurance. An auto transport company must be capable of providing a policy that covers a car for any damage or loss that could happen during shipping. The company must be ready to provide a policy that is at least equal to how much the car is worth. As vehicles are insured, all shipping responsibilities lie solely on the shoulder of the shipper so that they should truly be skilled and competent in providing a variety of automobile transportation services.

A special service that not many shippers provide is the enclosed car shipping. Only big corporations with excellent automobile transportation services have the capacity to ship cars inside a carrier truck that is equipped to exclusively carry just one vehicle at a time.

Enclosed shipping completely protects a vehicle from any possible hazard on the road, such as dirt, dust, rocks and bad weather. When moving a classic, antique or luxury automobile, there are no automobile transportation services more appropriate than enclosed shipping. Some shipping companies are even equipped with temperature-controlled carriers.

Automobile transportation services are intended to provide convenience and peace of mind to car owners and dealers. Car shipping companies strive to accommodate each and every shipping request and address all the needs of their customers. The one main goal is to safely deliver each car to its final point of destination in one piece and on time. With today’s hi-tech gadgets and tracking systems, car transporters track each delivery by satellite so that car owners would know the status of their cars any time from pickup to drop-off.

Some other automobile transportation services involve a number of car shipping documents. Car shipping companies should handle all necessary documents such the bill of lading (BOL), certificate of insurance, delivery certificates and notices, and service guide tariff.

Things get a little more complicated when shipping internationally. There are more documents and forms to prepare, which include customs, importation papers, international policies and local traffic rules. There are also additional costs such as port fees, customs fees, and depending on the country of destination, there may be hidden or unexplained fees that depend largely on how customs officers assess the quality of shipment.

Over and above the usual automobile transportation services that are offered by shipping companies, it is wise to hire a shipping broker or agent to negotiate these services for you.


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