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Auto Transport Complaints


When preparing to have your car shipped via an auto transport company to anywhere in the United States or the world, watch out for three C’s: auto transport complaints, costs and cash.

About complaints, car shipping companies have their fair share of difficult clients and impossible deliveries. Customers are difficult to please, understandably because they need to make the most of their money and want to make sure that their car is in perfect condition as it arrives at its final point of destination.

Complaints are good gauge to check the reliability and flexibility of a shipping company. To the benefit of future clients, former clients have all the right to lodge their complaints against a transporter regardless whether the complaint seems trivial or not. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) thrives in these complaints.

If a customer was not satisfied with the service, a complaint must be given to the driver at the moment the car was delivered. The car owner has all the right to inspect whether his or her car was damaged, dinted, or dented during the shipment or whether the delivery was many days late.

The car owner has the option not to sign the Bill of Lading and inform the driver right away that he or she was not happy with the service. In some cases, the driver can decide to pay for any acquired damages using the payment made by the car owner. This is why car shipping companies typically require full payments to be made in cash at the moment of drop-off.

If the driver does not acknowledge the complaint, the car owner should then address it to the car shipping company via email, formal letter of complaint or a personal conversation. If for any reason, the car shipping firm did not owe up to the complaint, the car owner may then lodge the complaint to BBB.

While the BBB is not authorized to act on the complaint or reprimand the car transporter, it can reflect the complaint in their future ratings and surveys. BBB ratings are very influential. If a car shipping company received a C- rating from BBB for unresolved complaints or disgruntled customer, the car shipping company may lose a number of future clients.

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Second is auto shipping costs. When unsure and worried how much car hauling services would cost, it is best to obtain online car shipping quotes. This is free and quick from any car transportation websites. Car shippers have a quotes calculation software that issues car shipping estimates based on the following information that a car owner must supply: running condition of vehicle, distance from origin to destination, mode of shipment, and car shipping services. The online quote can only be as correct as the information inputted.

Finally, cash is of course very important. Prepare enough money based on the quotation and negotiation. Arrange for a personal meeting with the transporter and assess its competence and reliability. Reading auto transport complaints, ratings and reviews are very helpful to make sure you will get your money’s worth. A customer must not be ashamed to ask about discounts, freebies, and payment schemes. Also, car owners must try to avoid shipping in summer when car shipping is at its most expensive time of the year.

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