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Online Car Shipping Estimates - Request Free Quote


When about to ship a car to your new location or purchase a car from another country or state, search the Internet for vehicle moving companies in your area and ask for free car shipping quotes.

According to the Federal Motor Safety Administration, it is your right as a customer to request for free auto shipping quotes or estimates in order to get the necessary information you need before contracting a shipper. Free car shipping quotes are quick and easy to get from the websites of so many automobile transporters.

Know which automobile transport company is best for you by comparing and matching free car shipping quotes rather than simply admiring their websites. Do not choose a shipper simply from what they say they offer or based on the pictures you see on their websites but on their rates and quality of service.

Contact 4 to 5 transporters and ask for free car shipping quotes. Compare, study and match these quotes. A good shipping company usually matches the lowest quote available and offers a new price that is good for 5 days. 

Car shipping websites are equipped with tools that allow you to input the necessary details so that they can get back to you with your free car shipping quotes. As you visit their websites, be ready to give these necessary details about your car and shipping requirements:

- Specify the type of your car. Identify where it is standard size (accord, camry), full size (Chrager, towncar), SUV small (explorer), SUV large (range rover), pick up small, pick up large, mini-van, full-size van, sports car, classic car, or classic truck.
- Know and determine what its make. Is it a GM, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai or Mercedes?
- Check your car’s model and year.
- Make sure to correctly identify where you want to ship your car and provide the correct zip code. Also specify where you are shipping from and the zip code.

When looking for the best and most affordable automobile transporter, you may also secure the services offered by car shipping directors.

These companies do not actually ship automobiles but they offer necessary and very helpful pre-shipping services.

They can gather and match free quotes for you. They can also link you to a number of car shipping companies to choose from. As you visit these directories, you will be asked to fill out some forms. Give them all your shipping requirements and details so that they can come back to you with quotes and offers.

Here are some important reminders as you search in the Internet for free car shipping quotes:

1. When filling up forms and questionnaires, provide correct information.
2. Be clear making your delivery requests, shipping dates, and locations. Obviously, the quality of information you give out will be reflected on the free car shipping quotes you are asking for.
3. Prepare your car in advance.

A great number of local automobile transporters offer free vehicle shipping quotes online. They are easy to get and very important before your actual shipping. Make sure to search and match different quotes from a number of local shippers before you get into any contracts or agreements.


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