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Car Shipping 101

Automobile Shipping

Best Vehicle Transportation Companies In 2016


Welcome to the car shipping companies blog, the number 1 source for auto transportation industry news in the USA and Canada!

You engage in car shipping when you need to move your car to a destined area that you otherwise cannot reach by driving on your own.

Have you considered driving cross-country? It could well be an exciting adventure if you think you are experienced and competent enough to do it.

But driving across states is not for everyone. You might as well pay for professional auto transport services if you are not sure you can do it on your own.

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This is why you need to hire a dependable car shipper!

Free auto transport quotes = lower shipping cost

Car shipping is not at all that expensive, don’t worry. All your transactions may be done online and so you would not find it difficult looking for a car shipper and requesting for free vehicle shipping quotes. If you are shipping your car for the first time, you might need to hire a shipping agent. An auto transport broker can provide you three important services:

One, match you with the best car shipper. While it is easy to surf around the web looking for car transportation companies, it could get tricky hiring someone who makes the route you require, on the date of your preference, and at a price that fits within your budget.

Two, there are discounts available on certain times of the year that you may not know about. Your agent can advise you when to engage with a shipper so that you can avail of different shipping discounts.

Three, think of your agent as a friend in the inside. He or she is ready to tell you industry secrets that are vital as you make decisions regarding your shipment. Hiring a shipping broker, of course, means additional costs, but the pay is worth it.

Shipping methods, insurance, etc...

As you plan to sign a contract with a car shipper, there are things to keep in mind: check the shipper's legitimacy, request for a quotation, discuss the insurance policy, pay only for the services you need, and know the method of shipping you need.

There are two shipping methods to choose from: the cheaper and more common open shipping or the exclusive and more expensive enclosed car shipping method that is intended to ship expensive luxury cars.

Lastly, if you are transporting cars internationally, there are many other things to know, such as international shipping laws, port entry fees, customs fees and requirements, and other subjective charges depending on local regulations.

Feel free to browse through our shipping blog, which provides up-to-date transportation news, information on dependable auto shippers and unbiased shipping company reviews!

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